Full-day Addis Ababa City Tours

Full-day City Tours of Addis Ababa

Paragon Ethiopia Tours is the leading operator of Addis Ababa city tours in Ethiopia. We strive to provide all sightseers with a unique and exciting service. With our full-day private tours, our customers can explore the most iconic places in Addis Ababa at their own leisure. While they're with us, not only do they have stunning panoramic views of wonderful sights, but they also enjoy professional commentary when they can learn all about the history and culture of Addis Ababa by visiting the artistic, historical, ethnographic and archaeological treasures which provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about Ethiopia's heritage. In Addis Ababa, at the Ethnographic Museum of Addis Ababa, one can visit the ethnographic museum which shows what rural life was like, and at the National Museum of Ethiopia, fossil remains of several thousands years old, archaeological facts and several artifacts.

Why customers choose us for their full-day Addis Ababa city tours?

  • Our distinctive vehicles provide the very best sightseeing experience to well over 150,000 customers every year, with our dedicated team delivering unique commentary and first-class customer service.
  • Entertaining and informative guides share stories that have made Addis Ababa one of the most visited destinations in Africa.
  • The tour transports you through historic streets, providing insight into the city's rich anti-colonial history and the events surrounding Ethiopia independence.
  • We book your accommodation with the most affordable Addis Ababa airport stopover hotels if you have long transit in Addis Ababa.
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Addis Ababa City Tours

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Addis Ababa Sightseeing Tours

Addis Ababa sightseeing tours allows visitors to explore the capital city of Ethiopia which is situated at the intersection of east and west. Addis Ababa is a cosmopolitan metropolis with abundant art and culture. With churches, historic squares, museums and palaces the pride of the nations is regained on her. Meskel Square is one of the best examples of Addis Ababa historic squares where the local people celebrate festivals of most kinds and where one can see multiculturalism in the city.

Join us on a journey back through centuries. On our sightseeing tours, we will tell you facts about Addis Ababa and the background to its development while passing historic and cultural places such as Merkato, the Trinity Cathedral Church, St. George Church, monuments, statues, the Ethnological Museum, the National Museum of Ethiopia and more. We will show you places that closely reflect Addis Ababa’s present day such as around Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and where the AU Headquarter is located.
Languages: Tours are held in English. But, we can arrange German, Chinese, Italian, and Russian language-speaking guides depending on the configuration of the group.

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Nine hours


Full-day Addis Ababa City Tour Itinerary

Our full-day city tours of Addis Ababa include the modern and historic features of the city. This sightseeing tour includes:

  • The Ethnological Museum at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at Addis Ababa University. At the Ethnological Museum, the former private salons of Emperor Haile Selassie I are open to the public and in which everything from the structure of the walls to the furnishings shine out brightly. This museum that comprises a bed room and living room of Emperor Haile Selassie I is furnished with precious furniture of several styles.
  • The National Museum (The Natural History Museum) where you will have a chance to see Lucy, the oldest and more complete fossil remains of early human ancestors.
  • The Holy Trinity Cathedral Church whose architectural interior and exterior designs just fabulous and its interior walls completely covered with religious paintings.
  • The stupendous view over the city, forests and breathtaking air with air filled with the scent of the Eucalyptus trees around Mount Entoto. At mount Entoto, you will see a magnificent view back to the city and a wonderful view of the Jamma River in Ethiopia.
  • Monuments and statues that have great historical significance.
  • Mercato which is the largest open-air market in Africa.
  • The AU Headquarter from outside.
  • Residential areas where affluent people and diplomats live in Addis Ababa.
  • And shopping areas.

If you have more time than what most full-day Addis Ababa city tours require, then you can also visit our Addis Ababa airport stopover tours to spend your stopover time by getting out of the town.  

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IMPORTANT: We are flexible in our Addis Ababa city tour itineraries. This flexibility enables our clients to manage their own itineraries, spending as much time as they choose at the places that interest them. If you visit Addis Ababa in January, make sure not to miss the feast of Timkat, one of the most famous religious festivals and events in Ethiopia. It is celebrated on January 19 every year. And when it comes to a well-rounded vacation experience, you can enjoy it throughout the whole year.

Small Group Tours of Addis Ababa

Our small group tours of Addis Ababa are the perfect way to explore Addis Ababa in a more intimate way. Operating with no more than 16 guests, we guarantee a more personal experience, while our unique range of itineraries allow you to get off the beaten track and see the city from a new perspective. Please see below for our price for a small group full-day city tour of Addis Ababa. 

Age Range of Traveler Price in $/person
Adult (17+) 69
Child (3 - 16) 59
Senior / Student 64
Family 251

If you have only limited time to do Addis Ababa city tours, you can choose from our optional half-day Addis Ababa city tours itineraries to visit the most important highlights of the city. You can also visit Addis Ababa Airport layover tours to spend your layover time by experiencing the city if you are on your transit in Addis Ababa.