Half-day Addis Ababa City Tours

Half-Day Sightseeing Tours of Addis Ababa

Half-day in Addis Ababa, a melange of sights and sounds from one of the world’s great cities

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Half-day Addis Ababa City Tours

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Paragon Ethiopia Tours' half-day Addis Ababa city tours include the Ethnographic Museum at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at Addis Ababa University, the National Museum (The Natural History Museum) where you will have a chance to see Lucy, the oldest and more complete fossil remains of early human ancestors, Mount Entoto to admire the stupendous view over the city, monuments and statues that have great historical significance and shopping. Mount Entoto is where one can see the panoramic view of Addis Ababa. All our half-day Addis Ababa city tours can be customized depending on your interest.
If you have only half a day to visit Addis Ababa, we advise you start from the city’s first impressions. One thing that all people in Addis Ababa take seriously is their hospitality, and you will start from that.

Time Needed

Six hours


Detailed Itinerary: After pick you up either from hotel or at the airport, you will drive to the National Museum of Ethiopia to do a walking tour around the National Museum in Addis Ababa to see all the major exhibits. This museum is dedicated to human history and Ethiopian culture.
The Addis Ababa National Museum building is almost spectacular as the fabulous exhibits found within. As the nation’s most visited museum, it has been welcoming guests since it was founded in 1958. It was the first national public museum anywhere in Ethiopia. From the beginning, it granted free admission to all curious persons. Sculptures of Small exhibits adopted around the court to wait your appetite for what you are about to see such as Lucy, the oldest fossil remains of human being  to the modern stereograph giving a 360 degree view of the museum.
The unique layout of the museum make you can choose where to start your visit. You start your tour in the oldest part of the museum. The exhibition focuses on the history of Ethiopia, its people and archaeological findings dating back millions of years. On display are more than 1,500 objects. A visit to this sightseeing takes roughly an hour.
Next, you will drive to the Ethnological Museum of Ethiopia to see Ethnographic objects from the different Ethiopian ethnic groups. This sightseeing takes an hour to visit. Finally, you will have a coffee ceremony of Ethiopia which helps you you to learn how Ethiopians are one of the most hospitable people if not the most hospitable ones in the planet which marks the end of your half-day city tour.

We can also customize our optional Addis Ababa city tours for you in such a way that they can suit your interest, or you can take our full-day Addis Ababa city tours by extending your tour time to explore the city more. Or stopping for a short time in Addis Ababa? Our Addis Ababa layover tours are perfect for you.