Ethiopia Tourist Attractions

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Tourist Attractions in Ethiopia:

Ethiopia is a country of several astonishing tourist attractions which include natural splendor, very tail like villages in rural areas, several archaeological sites, monasteries with remarkable wall paintings, gorgeous valleys and mountain chains, adventurous places, and more. Our optional Ethiopia tour packages allow one to visit all these places.

Imagine a place where the human race began, a land of myth legend dating back to the first historical records, the seat of an ancient kingdom which traded using its own gold, silver and bronze coinage at a time when most of the world was still engaged in barter.

Ethiopia is relatively a large country, the tenth largest in Africa with a long history and a rich culture. It is not surprising that UNESCO included 9 tangible and 2 other intangible heritages in its list of World Heritage Sites.

Ethiopia's cultural and historical heritages are the most important living treasures of its people. Its people and culture are composed of different ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds; and its topography which  ranges from 4,600 meters above see level to 200 meters below see level makes Ethiopia a suitable place for adventure travelers and nature lovers.

The most important Addis Ababa tourist attractions give you highlights about what visitors can experience in their Ethiopia tours to the different parts of the country.