Ethiopia Cultural Tourist Attractions

Cultural Tourist Attractions in Ethiopia:

Ethiopia is a country of extraordinary ethnic and cultural diversity in terms of cultural attractions. The most important cultural attractions of Ethiopia include the people near the Omo Valley area in south Ethiopia, Harar, the lifestyle of the people in all places of the country, family oriented and community wise culture, citizens' work ethic, religious festivals and ceremonies, coffee ceremony, and more.

Ethiopian culture had been institutionalized on a modest basis first through philology and history, then through archaeology and anthropology, and more recently through political science, and sociology. Paragon Ethiopia Tours primarily focuses on the language, habit, and social system of each people in Ethiopia in its Ethiopia cultural tours services.

Cultural Attractions in Omo Valley

The Omo Valley is home to many tribes within a relatively small area. The Bodi, Hamer, Tsemay, Dassanech, Benna, Karo, Mursi, Surma, Ari, and Nyangetom are better known among others. The Omotic people are so named because they inhabit in a relatively small region surrounding the Omo River in the provinces of Kefa and Gemu Gofa. They speak languages derived from what is now considered one of the six great families of Afro-Asiatic, a language family represented exclusively by these peoples.

Cultural Attractions in Harar

Harar is one of the earliest Muslim centers in the region of Ethiopia and the Horn. The Wall of Harar was built around the beginning of the second half of the 15th century. Harar is famous for for its historical and cultural sites which were registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Other attractions of Harar include its colorful open market, the legendary Hyena Man, the Harar Museum, and the Rimbaud House named after the French poet who lived there in the 1880s.