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Paragon Ethiopia Tours is one of the pioneers of incoming tour operators in Ethiopia. The company was founded in 1997 and its office is located at South Africa Street in Addis Ababa which is one of the great choices of travelers interested in great sightseeing, shopping, warm weather, culture and nightlife while they are in Addis Ababa. Paragon Ethiopia Tours is a privately owned and operated company created by  tourism professionals with many years of experience in the travel industry. The company offers tours that are tailor-made to your taste.
It’s our pleasure to introduce you to some of our excellent operation’s team. Our entire staff are carefully selected and regularly trained to have an in depth understanding of customer needs.

Some of our staff include:

  • Alemseged Ferede (Mr.), founder and Managing Director
  • Daniel Susu (Mr.), Marketing Manager
  • Zinash Kidus (Mrs.), Accounts Manager
  • Hirut Bekele (Mrs.), Sales Operation Manager
  • Girma Teferra (Mr.), Senior Tour Operator
  • Fikadu Yonas (Mr.), Senior Tour Operator
  • Henok Kebede (Mr.). Junior Tour Operator
  • Helen Tefera (Mrs.), Junior Tour Operator

Team meetings are a very important part of Paragon Ethiopia Tours’ culture. Paragon Ethiopia Tours was established in 2002 and last year we celebrated an impressive 30% growth in business over the previous highly successful year with increases of over 20% in many of the markets we serve. But our meetings are not just about celebrating success---we share our experiences in key areas, how we met our customers’ expectations and what more can we learn from our customers. Can we find ways to be even more competitive? What are our new ideas and products for the future? And speaking of ideas and products we have checking out some of our offerings during out team meetings in Wonchi Crater Lake.

We work with the wide range of hotels in all the main Ethiopian cities.

Talking of Ethiopia here is a quick guided tour of just some of the top attractions our customers regularly visit with us.

Let’s not forget all those beautiful areas of countryside and heritage sites, and due to flavor of what we offer in Addis Ababa and across the whole of Ethiopia. Our brochure gives good details about the services we offer in Addis Ababa such as Addis Ababa tourist attractions, Addis Ababa airport transfers, Addis Ababa airport layover tours, Addis Ababa airport stopover tours and more as well.

As well as having strong relationships with many major suppliers, Paragon Ethiopia Tours enjoys close ties to Ethiopian Tourism Organization and it is a member of Ethiopian Tour Operators Association. Our office is located in Addis Ababa at South Africa Street, and between us we speak a number of languages. You find our website, www.paragonethiopiatours.com extremely useful and helping to plan tours and programs; not least, because of its unique original planner.

Paragon Ethiopia is here to help. Discover our office location and different ways to contact us so that we can provide you with the assistance you need.
In the hoping you learnt something about our company, we look forward very much to welcoming you here in Ethiopia very soon.