Ethiopia Historical Tour Packages

Historical Tour Packages in Ethiopia:

Ethiopia is probably the country in Africa if not in the world with most ancient history and discoveries. The most important unbelievable Ethiopia historical tourist attractions such as ancient steles, monuments, rock-hewn churches and castles are located in north Ethiopia. We only see a fraction of the greatest historical landmarks once existed on the earth. Fortunately, many of the historical landmarks of Ethiopia that we have today have survived incredible circumstances ranging from warfare, national disasters and just from extremely old.
Our Ethiopia historical tour packages take you to:

  • The rock-hewn Churches of Lalibela which took its name after King Lalibela who built it and revolutionalized architecture in Ethiopia and the world by constructing this unbelievable rock-hewn church. Most Ethiopia tours suggest this sightseeing. At Lalibela, one will have a chance to see one of the finest examples of the greatest architectural achievements of its time. Lalibela is the most famous place of interest of all the other Ethiopia tourist attractions.
  • Axum where the first Ethiopian kingdom, the Axumite Kingdom was founded in north Ethiopia some 3,000 years ago and one can see ancient historical churches and some of the most important archaeological sites ever discovered in the world’s prehistory.
  • Bahir Dar which hosts historical artifacts and objects dating back to 750 years in its monasteries on Lake Tana.
  • Gondar which was home for most of Ethiopian past emperors. The most important attractions in this place are the 17th century Castles of King Fasiladas and other icon rich monasteries.
  • The Wall of Harar to see the largest concentration of mosques in a single place in the world, historical museums, one of the most hospitable people in Ethiopia, and the colorful markets of the city. This sightseeing is located in east Ethiopia unlike the above ones. If you are nature lovers and history enthusiasts, we hope our Harar and Lake Wonchi tour packages meet your interests.

Check on our a 6 days and 5 nights Ethiopia historical tour packages and a 9 days and 8 nights Ethiopia historical tour packages to get detailed itineraries on a fraction of our optional historical tours and enjoy your holidays with your family and friends at all the memorable historical places of the country in Paragon Ethiopia Tours.