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Ethiopia tours

Ethiopia sightseeing tours

Due to a wide range of activities, finding something that suits your taste in Ethiopia has never been easier. Ethiopia tours primarily include all travels to the country either for pleasure or business. Ethiopia holiday tours allow travelers to places of leisure interest, so they can enjoy the benefits of their leisure times. A journey between old and new history, nature in its purest form and diversity of people can all be found in this versatile and friendly country. Our day trips from Addis Ababa also will take you to the most popular visitor attractions outside of Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia Holidays

Ethiopia holidays and tours consist of the historical places in the north, the people and cultural places in the south, the Ethiopian adventure places in the east and the natural sites in the west. Ethiopia tourist attractions nestle within areas of outstanding natural beauty, and historical and cultural places. You can choose from a wide selection of Ethiopia tours listed here below for your upcoming trip to Ethiopia.

  • Ethiopia Historical Tours: These tours takes you to the most important Ethiopia historical tourist attractions
  • Ethiopia Cultural Tours: Ethiopia cultural tourist attractions are ideal places to experience colorful African cultures; some traditions having remained unchanged for centuries. 
  • Ethiopia Festival Tours: The most important religious festivals and events in Ethiopia take place in September, November and January every year; Meskel, the Finding of the True Cross Festival is celebrated in September whereas Hidar Tsion in November and Ethiopian Christmas and Ethiopian Epiphany in January every year.   
  • Ethiopia Wildlife Tours: Ethiopia has a rich diversity of wildlife, so that no two visitors experiences are ever the same. Our Ethiopia Wildlife Safari Tour Packages will take you to some of the most important safari attractions the country has to offer to visitors. 
  • Ethiopia Adventure Tours: The adventure attractions and activities in Ethiopia take the visitor to the mysterious places of Simien Mountains National Park, Bale Mountains National Park and the Dallol Depression area.  
  • Ethiopia Volunteer Tours
  • Ethiopia Coffee Tours: Some of the world’s best coffee is grown in Ethiopia; the breathtaking high mountain verdant landscapes, cool climate and fertile soil result in our award winning quality coffee products.
    Explore growing and production processes – from the nursery to plantations, pruning, picking, washing, drying and the many steps in-between to finally roasting. Finish off with a memorable coffee cupping experience.
  • Ethiopia special interest tours: Ethiopia is a hotbed for special interest tours. These specially designed tours offer a novel way for travelers to discover new aspects of a favourite topic of interest. whether you're an avid birdwatcher, or you're into film or photography,or you like to trace the history of past conflict through a tour of battle sites or you want to feel the benefit of high-altitude training, Ethiopia is the place to go.
  • Ethiopia Medical Tours
  • Ethiopia Educational Tours: Paragon Ethiopia Tours is Ethiopia's tour company to contact for educational study trips. We have the opportunity to plan and take part in many amazing trips with schools, organizations and companies. 
  • Ethiopia Sustainable Tourism
  • Ethiopia Social Tours
  • Ethiopia Winter Tours
  • Ethiopia Creative Tourism: These tours allows one to participate in cultural activities; like you can go to a pottery house and try to do some wood carving, sculpturing or try to do some gardening. You can also help farmers growing crops or you can participate in the locally-led activities that would bring sustainability to the community.
  • Ethiopia Sport Tours
  • Ethiopia Heritage Tours: Ethiopia heritages look after 95 historic sites in the north stretching from the Axumite period to the medieval period. And tours to these places are very interesting.
  • Ethiopia Photography Tours: Proud to be the most filmed attractions in Ethiopia, Lalibela and the Mursi people have been used as the backdrop for many well-known TV series and films from the whole world.  
  • Addis Ababa City Tours: You can visit Addis Ababa tourist attractions in one of our either full-day Addis Ababa city tours or half-day Addis Ababa city tours to know more about the most important points of interest in the capital. 
  • Addis Ababa Layover Tours
  • Addis Ababa Stopover Tours: You can also include your Addis Ababa airport stopover hotels with your tours. 

These tours are only a small fraction of our colorful product portfolio. All our itineraries can be customized for both groups and free independent travelers. Explore fascinating Ethiopia with Paragon Ethiopia Tours. We offer a great variety of Ethiopia tour packages that combine the best of Ethiopia in our Ethiopia tours. All our tours include Addis Ababa airport transfers. Contact us for more information.